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What do you smell?

It's like something sweet and flowery was burned slowly to ashes and spread all over the place, right? You can only just barely pick up the scent in the breeze, but it's there. It's there, in addition to all the other aromatic smells of the island. Sometimes it's easy to love the smell, to pause just so you can take a longer breath than usual and let the scent seep into your lungs. Sometimes it's easy to hate it, especially when it gets stronger for whatever reason, and it feels like the hairs in your nose are burning every time you inhale, like there's smoke in your mouth and throat and lungs.

No matter what you do, it's always there, like a splinter in your mind. You smell it—you feel it—when you look out your window or turn on your television, when you go to work, or to school, or when you buy groceries. It seems jarring at first, but soon you get used to it. You hardly ever notice it unless it gets strong, and even then, it sort of... makes you feel good. You, like everyone else, come to appreciate the crisp, pungeant smell in the wind, mingling with everything else coming in from the jungle. Even if it does make you feel a little weird, sometimes. You and everyone else.

It's no secret that "the incense," as it's called (despite there not being any evidence that it is actually incense), has some unusual properties. They say it comes from deep within the temples scattered throughout the world and other lost treasures that are guarded by ancienct spirits—or something like that, anyway. Sometimes treks are made to investigate, but the results aren't typically pretty. The adventurers go a little crazy from the rush of adrenaline that suddenly seems to hit them all like a mac truck; sometimes there are casualties. Ever since that started happening there have been fewer expeditions.

But all that's about to change, now that there are new people being drawn in to do all the dirty work.











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